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Vidéos et formations sur les modèles mixtes

Messagepar Renaud Lancelot » 15 Fév 2007, 12:37

Le Centre for Multilevel Modelling (Université de Londres) a fait le communiqué suivant:

Dear Multilevel-Modellers

1) Workshops: We are pleased to announce that two workshops with places available in September can now be booked on-line.

i) Introduction to Multilevel Modelling, 10-12 September '07

This course is designed to give participants a solid grounding in multilevel modelling. The workshop will be based around theoretical sessions followed by "hands on" practical sessions illustrating the theoretical concepts. The hands on sessions will be using the MLwiN software package.

For more details go to:

ii) Multilevel Discrete-time Event History Analysis, 13-14 September '07

This workshop will introduce discrete-time methods for the analysis of
event history data, i.e. data on the timing of events such as changes in
marital or employment status. Advanced topics such as modelling
transitions between multiple states and correlated event histories will
also be discussed. The emphasis will be on applying these methods in
practice and interpreting the results.

As the number of places is limited, priority will be given to applicants
who plan to use event history data in their own research.

For more details go to:
Info about all workshops:
Booking form:
2) Films: Watch a presentation on the internet: Do check out our film/PowerPoint presentations on Multilevel Modelling (Internet Explorer only). These items have proved very popular since they were launched on the web in January.

- What it is and why you should do it:

i) Why use multilevel modelling? (Jon Rasbash):
- The sorts of analyses you can do and the results you can get:

ii) Global variations in health and mortality (Kelvyn Jones):
iii) Modelling social and educational segregation (Harvey Goldstein):
A summary of all our news can be found here:
With best wishes

Hilary Browne
Centre for Multilevel Modelling
University of Bristol
2 Priory Road
Bristol BS8 1TX

Tel: +44 (0)117 331 0804
FAX: +44 (0)117 331 0833

Les vidéos doivent être visionnées avec Internet Explorer ou Netscape (Firefox ne marche pas).

Les équipes du Centre for Multilevel Modelling ont développé le logiciel MLwiN. La plupart des fonctionnalités de MLwiN sont retrouvées dans les packages R nlme et lme4, et le package mlmRev montre comment faire les analyses de la doc de MLwiN avec le package lme4.


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